David Rowlands: Military Artist
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David Rowlands at work
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But who shall record the glorious deeds of the soldier whose lot is numbered with the thousands in the ranks who live and die and fight in obscurity? Private Wheeler, 51st Light Infantry, 1813

DAVID ROWLANDS is one of today's finest and most accurate military artists.  His atmospheric oil paintings present a realistic record of the dramatic events of war, and have won him many commissions from the British Army and Royal favour.

David has had a passion for sketching soldiers and their equipment since he was a boy.  At school he drew battle scenes of the Napoleonic War in his exercise books, and visited regimental museums where the foundations of his knowledge were laid.

After completing his studies at Manchester University he joined the staff of the Reading Room at the National Army Museum.  He began working full-time as a professional artist in 1977.

In 1983 the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers asked him to produce a painting of the Battle of Mons, where the regiment won the first two VCs of the First World War.  Many other historical paintings have followed.  Recently the Duke of Wellington's Regiment commissioned David’s painting of the Battle of Waterloo which now has pride of place in the Officer’s Mess. 

All his paintings involve a huge amount of research into uniforms, equipment, tactics and whenever possible, a visit to the battlefield.  He interviews veterans to gain an insight into their experiences and recollections, which help to create paintings of past events which are as accurate as possible.

Following widespread recognition of his work he has been commissioned to record the activities of many regiments in their roles today, and this work has taken him frequently to Northern Ireland, Germany, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Gibraltar, Oman and the Balkans.  Joining foot patrols in uniform with soldiers in South Armagh and West Belfast he considers vital in order to feel first-hand the atmosphere and tension which he wishes to impart to his paintings. Next »

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David Rowlands in studio
David Rowlands with WIMIC Land Rover
David Rowlands and group by Warrior ICV
David Rowlands by Lynx helicopter