David Rowlands: Military Artist
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David Rowlands at work
  Commissioning a painting - what's next?

ONCE YOU HAVE decided to commission David Rowlands to produce an oil painting for your unit or organisation, you will need to contact David to arrange an initial meeting.

It is likely that you will have an idea of the subject or event you wish to capture but are unsure as to how it will come together on canvas. In your initial meeting David will go through the details and give you an idea of the cost which will be based upon what you can afford and the amount of work involved in the research and production of the painting.

The cost quoted will be for the oil painting and frame only. Print costs are in addition and are approximately £1k ($1.9k USD) for 400 prints. Most of David's clients use the sale of prints to underpin the cost of the painting. You can sell prints for between £30 and £90 to the general public.

The time frame to produce your painting is between six and twelve months depending on the amount of research required, and the complexity of the subject. On completion you will receive a framed canvas and any prints you have requested.

The subjects of David Rowlands' paintings have ranged from soldiers' heroic acts that have won them the Victoria Cross to the Battle of Waterloo to units receiving Colours from HM the Queen. Whatever subject you choose, be assured that David will painstakingly research the subject to ensure its accuracy.

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