David Rowlands: Military Artist
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David Rowlands at work
  How does David produce an oil painting?

DEPENDING ON THE subject of your painting, David will want to visit the battlefield or unit on operations and interview those who were directly involved. Whilst in theatre he will take extensive photos and sketches in order to produce a number of preparatory sketches . To make the process as straightforward as possible, David kindly asks that he is given a guide who is directly involved in the painting so that tactical detail is accurate and arrange interviews where necessary.

Preparatory sketches are usually sent to you on completion by post and can be discussed on the phone or during a meeting. You are asked to review the sketches so that you are happy with both factual and tactical detail. Any changes you require can be made at this stage.

Once David has made amendments to the sketch and you are happy with it, he will transfer your chosen scene onto canvas. The size of the canvas will have been determined at your initial meeting - sizes are 3 ft x 2 ft; or 5 ft wide. (eg 60 x 33 inches).

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  • How does David produce an oil painting?
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    Sketch of 70 Aircraft Workshop REME
    Transferring the sketch to canvas