David Rowlands: Military Artist
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David Rowlands at work
  Creating the finished article

DAVID ROWLANDS loves to paint miltary subjects. Since he was young he has been fascinated by the uniforms and equipment of modern and historical armies. He prides himself on accuracy and historical detail, seeing himself as an artist who records past events as closely as possible.

It is advised that you visit David's studio before completion in case any detailed changes need to be made at points during the production. Once the painting is finished you are invited to confirm its completion before a professional art photographer takes digital images to produce your prints. David has worked closely with his printers over a ten year period and will scrutinise proofs for colour accuracy and quality.

Printing will take one to two weeks. After that the final package of framed painting and prints will be ready for you to collect or be delivered to you.

Please note that David Rowlands retains the copyright on the image produced. Be assured that commissioning a work of art means you have full unrestricted ownership of the canvas. He is happy to discuss any request for you publish the picture in a journal or book etc.

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